Thursday, 31 December 2009

The Complete Mario Lanza Volume One

This is Volume One of the Complete Mario Lanza. The tracklist is as follows:

Coke Shows June-July 1951

2. Toselli’s Serenade

3. Because

4.Be My Love

5. Boom Biddy Boom Boom

6.  I Love Thee

7. The Loveliest Night Of The Year

8. O Sole Mio

9. My Song My Love

10. Serenade (Drigo)

11. I’ll Never Love You

12. Vesti La Giubba (Pagliacci)

13. Funiculi, Funicula (In English)

14. Manmma Mia Che Vo’ Sape?

15. Some Day

16. Thine Alone

17. Mattinata - RCA Audition

18. E Lucevan Le Stelle - Tosca-RCA Audition

19.Vesti La Giubba - Pagliacci - RCA Audition

20.Ch’ella Mi Creda - La Fanciulla Del West  - Early 40s

21. De Miei Bollenti Spiriti - La Traviata - Early 40s

22. Pecche - Early 40s     RAR Link for MP3         Zip Link for mp3
Link fo FLAC coming soon

Friday, 27 November 2009

Cover for Volume One of Complete Lanza

Download link to follow in a few days.

The Complete Lanza

This is quite an undertaking but it needs to be done. I estimate there will be upwards of 30 volumes. We shall see!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

OK! Time for Some New Mario!

It is time to revisit this blog I feel and reopen this portal to the Lanza voice. Coming soon is volume one of "The Lanza recorded legacy." This will comprise Coke Show material remastered using the Rosetta remastering system plus some rarities on each disc. All have been refurbished using the best sources. There is enough material to cover 20 volumes so I hope any followers can bear with me. This collection will be the greatest single Lanza set thus available! Watch this space.

First one to come soon!

Monday, 26 January 2009

Mario Lanza Remastered Volume One

As Promised. These recordings have been remastered using the Rosetta Remastering System. The quality speaks for itself. They are only in Mp3 but will provide an .rar version and also a lossless flac all being well. Enjoy. volume 2 coming soon.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Coming soon

I will post 2 volumes of remastered Lanza items (Early fifties) which have been remastered using the Rosetta remastering system.

Please also be aware of the blog at

You can find a link for the Broadway collection CD there.

This is Mario's 50th anniversary of his leaving this world and I hope these recordings will help to
commemorate this glorious talent. Keep listening and just enjoy that voice!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The Student Prince Revisited 1959

This is The 1959 recording of The Student Prince by Mario Lanza.
It is very different from the soundtrack recording of the film recorded
in 1953. The youthful fresh voice of the early 50s has by now given way
to a more powerful and dramatic tenor voice. This voice has lost much of
its young romantic lyrical flavour, but in its place there is a drama and intensity that only a large operatic voice can provide. There are still touching moments in the "Summertime in Heidelberg" but the "I'll Walk With God" and "Serenade" are sung with endless conviction.

Now in the correct pitch and remastered, the Lanza voice has returned.
The LP released in 1959 was in very poor sound and a semitone down in pitch. This I believe is the first time many will have heard Lanza singing these songs as they were actually sung in the studio. Have a listen and compare them to the LP if you have is quite a revelation. See link below: