Thursday, 6 May 2010

Mario Lanza Albert Hall vol 23

Finally it is here. This is one of 3 versions to be produced. Not everyone will like this version
but some have already expressed good feedback. Have a listen and see what you think!

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  1. perfection!...amazing! I have the ‘commercial’ recordings of this concert and this is the first time I have been aware of how good mario is sounding and how good Costa is! I could not wait to play this once I downloaded it and played it on my system in the house and it sounds like I am actually there....and they are in the same clear is the sound. Well done again, I cant wait to get the rest of these...especially the 2 disc version of Mario chatting to the audience! your a genius Wayne!

  2. Friend, Congratulations, is more important your job for remasterizer and restorer this valuable material because the rosetta's sound is perfect, thanks,always, for this gift...
    My respect, regards for you...
    (Excuse me, my english...)

    Carlos Miguel
    Caracas, Venezuela

  3. A big thank you for the Albert Hall download.I have been following your efforts in putting right what RAC Thought was right for the mass market in its lets make a quick buck as no one will pick the pitch or mike placing problems.I know you have had a rough ride from the so called know all's on Lanza forums,Thats is why i avoid them like the plague and let them cut each other's throats.Yes the Student Prince and all of his later work is out of pitch Lanza's health was poor but not his voice.As no notes have survived who knows what key he was singing in.If you remember the deep in my heart recoding for the coke show from recorders studio LA is much faster than the MGM soundtrack score.What you have done with the Albert Hall Recording is amazing the depth of sound the acoustics of the hall have been brought out to a new dimension.I look forward to the next two version to compare,Remember my friend you have a lot of fans out there for if it was not for you we would have to put up with the so called perfect copies from BGM.Please keep up the good work and to hell to the so called experts.I have been listening to Mario Lanza for over Forty years so by now i should have some ideal how his voice should sound like.
    Whishing you the best in life always London UK