Wednesday, 11 August 2010


The next volume comprises real collector's material. Mario only sings 2 items as he is a guest on 2 radio shows. Don't despair though I am already looking at the next volume after that crammed full of Lanza material.

 The 2 radio shows are 'Life with Luigi' (29th Nov 1949) and 'The Edgar Bergan and Charlie McCarthy Show.' (19th Dec 1948) The sound quality is far superior to any heard previously and both programmes are complete.
Mario sings Mamma Mia ch'e vo sape in 'Luigi' and The Lord's Prayer in the 'Edgar Bergen' show. There is also much banter between Mario and the show hosts so there is more than just the singing selections. Both songs are superb.

Luigi, the character, was played by J. Carrol Naish, who played Mario's father in his first film (That Midnight Kiss) and also Mario's uncle Nicky in his next film, 'The Toast of New Orleans.' The banter between them in this show is good and somewhat familiar forthose that know the films well.

Please enjoy and I shall get back to thew Albert Hall in due course and also the Coke Show material.
Thanks to all for your nice comments.

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