Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Rosetta Remastering

Just to clarify, Rosetta Remastering is a team effort. Team Rosetta completes all the jobs required for this type of operation to continue such as posting, administration, record keeping etc as their has been considerable interest in both the Broadway album and the on line releases from this blog. There has also been excellent uptake of Rosetta releases on many other forums throughout the internet. As such the administration required is considerable. The remastering and the artwork are also part of the whole team operation.

We respect all other forums and sites  for and about Mario Lanza including those on Facebook. As such I would like to list the best of them below:

http://groups.google.com/group/mariolanza/     An excellent Lanza group for talking and discussing about the great tenor. Knowlegeable hosts and avid fans.

http://www.fanfaire.com/lanza/index.html Great site with many links to Mario's life and legacy.

Well what can I say....probably the best in content and looks.

Traditonally a Lanza family site originally by Damon Lanza and Bob Dolfi.
Damon now no longer with us so Bob Dolfi continues this excellent site.

Go on to Youtube and search for Mario Lanza - Many items both audio and video.

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